Here are some Frequently asked questions;

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What is the difference between training at college for a year and training with you for a few days?
Learning in a college environment takes much longer as the courses are split into modules and you practise a little each week, also there can be up to 25 students to only one Tutor, our courses allow you to learn in a quiet setting with only a few students which allows for more one-to-one tuition so therefore you can absorb a huge amount within a short space of time. I also liken our course to a reverse of college as you although you cover what is in the manual on the course it is the students responsibility to keep studying and referring to the manual and practising their routine after their course they feel 'confident' enough to work on the public.

Why are your courses only one, two or three days?
Because we keep the Student number limited to a maximum of 6 so you can cover more with guided one-to-one tuition. The beauty of this is that you can train in one therapy, start your business and start earning money then add new therapies as and when you like without losing much time.

What is fast track training?
This is a very popular way of learning as it is very quick e.g our Diploma's can be achieved within one, two or three days but it is not rushed in anyway as your Tutor will guide you through each step of the theory and practical and you are given a fully comprehensive manual to keep.

What is does an Accredited course mean?
It means all of the theory and practical aspects of the course have been looked at by a Governing body within the Holistic industry and that our courses have passed the guidelines for professionalism within the industry.

What is the Guild of Holistic Therapists?
This is the Governing body we use that have assessed us and passed our courses for Accreditation. It is recommended to always train in courses that have been accredited as they are  up to high industry standards and also mean you can get insurance which is necessary to set up your business.

How do I get insurance?
You will need insurance once you have completed a course and are ready to practice, we recommend the Guild of Holistic Therapists and our students get a discount once they complete a course with us.

What experience do I need to do one of your Diploma courses?
Amazingly you don't need any experience to do one of our one Day Diploma courses so it is an ideal new career for many people.

To do our 2 or 3 day Diploma courses you will need a recognised Anatomy and Physiology qualification and we will need proof of this, this is because these courses are more in depth. If you don't already have an Anatomy and Physiology qualification you can train for this online as a home study course in your own time, we recommend the Guild but you can do any recognised course.

Will I feel confident enough with my new skills?
Obviously confidence comes with time and practise but we aim to help you feel confident with your new therapy and we are proud to say our theory and practical manuals are very thorough and some of the most comprehensive you will find, we are proud of the detail that has gone into our courses and the practical routines are second to none.

Do I need to pay up front for my course?
No we only need a small deposit to secure your place and the remaining amount is to be paid 2 weeks prior to course commencing.

How do I pay?
We have various payment options for both the deposit and full course, please contact Lorna or Stuart for more information

Can I pay in instalments?
Although this is not usually an option in certain circumstances we may consider this, please contact us for more information.

What of I don't pass the course?
As the course is set out step by step for both theory and practical with plenty of time to practise it is unlikely you will not pass but if we felt you were not absorbing the information we may offer further training at a small cost.

When do I receive my certificate?
At the end of your last day of training if you have completed the course and all the requirement up to the set standard.

Do I need to do case studies?
No not for a one or two day Diploma course.
Yes for the 3 day course you will train in the initial two days then do a number of case studies over about 8 weeks then return for your final day when you will do your practical assessment and bring with you your case studies notes for submission.

What if I need more time for the case studies?
We do like to keep to dates booked as you can imagine it is difficult to get room availability but if you are finding it really difficult to complete your case studies in time then please contact us and we will do our best to support you.

What happens when I've completed my course? Am I on my own then?
No we aim to support you not only throughout your training experience with us but also after we will be on hand either by e-mail, telephone or in person to help you with any questions or issues you may have regarding your training and also support you in your new career.

What is a Student Development day?
This is unique to Birmingham Holistic Training Centre and is a day where we open up all of the beautiful tranquil rooms for students who have trained with us so you can practise your skills on other fellow students, support each other, you get to receive a wonderful relaxing treatment and also we do some relaxation and goal setting. We hold these special day's throughout the year and they are very popular and a great way to meet like minded people.

What is different about Birmingham Holistic Training Centre?
We pride ourselves in being different as we offer quick training but within a relaxed and tranquil setting that is our beautiful centre and gardens, to train in such an environment is ideal for holistic therapies as you will be offering relaxing and therapeutic treatments to your clients so it's important for you to be relaxed.

All the training takes place in one or two of our beautiful and calming rooms and the pace is relaxed and our Tutor's are professional but friendly and approachable.
You can gain from our 20 years + experience of our knowledge and expertise.
We support you throughout your training and offer student days to help you and your business develop.

We are constantly updating our skills so we can support you better and offer you more and more great courses.

Students return time and again for us for their training and we have got some great feedback.
We are proud of our students and what they go on to achieve.
We offer you a truly unique training experience.

How do I book?
For more information or to book a place on one of our sought after courses please contact Lorna Gray who is our Head of Training on;