Director of Birmingham Holistic

Stuart Morris is a long-standing, holistic practitioner who, over 26 years ago, using natural therapies, won his battle with cancer. Ever since he’s been motivated to help heal and empower others.

This centre is the culmination of all of his ambition and effort to create something different; a centre that offers more than therapies as it focuses on creating a community of well-being, built around practitioners who are truly passionate about what they do and whose integrity and conscience underpin their approach.

Our intention for the Centre is for it to become a place where clients can attend and know that they are in a place that is quite special
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Lorna Gray- Head of Training

I have been a Holistic Therapist, Tutor and Counsellor for many years working with a wide variety of clients and issues and offering my skills, knowledge but above all support for people during stressful, difficult or challenging times.

I use an integrative approach whereby clients come for an initial consultation and then we discuss what treatments and/or talking therapies we both feel will be of benefit to them.

I am fully qualified ,insured and a member of the ‘Guild of Beauty and Holistic Therapists’

I initially trained as a beauty and holistic therapist and have worked in a variety of settings including salons, spa’s, gym’s and hotels.
I then went into teaching beauty and holistic therapy and have offered both NVQ and City&Guilds training.

Around ten years ago I started training in fast track one, two and three day Diploma courses and feel this is the best way to train as the students feel relaxed within small groups and a calming environment.

I now offer Fully Accredited one, two and three day Diploma courses in Holistic Therapies.

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Julie Chiperfield Carr- Centre Manager

“A personal trauma in my life lead me into Reiki and I found peace and meaning to a life changing event that completely shook my world and its whole foundation. My husband died aged 34 and this trauma left me with insomnia, sleep deprivation which eventually made me ill and prone to one infection after another. I was completely demoralized and emotionally and physically worn out.

I found a pathway of healing through Reiki and began to incorporate the philosophy and self healing which gently led me towards an understanding based around the principles of Reiki.

One that became my saving grace and one that I am now finally able to share through training Reiki and Crystal Therapies

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